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Tree Care Services in Loveland and Estes Park

Estes Valley Tree Care LLC is a full-service, locally owned business operated by Matt Tschohl, an expert in technical tree removals. and general tree care. Matt provides the following tree care services to Estes Park, CO and surrounding areas:

Tree Trimming

From removing a single tree branch to crown reduction, we can do it all. With expert knowledge in proper trimming technique, seasonal factors, and tree variation, we ensure that your tree is trimmed perfectly. Read More

Tree Removal

Whether because of safety concerns, disease, fire mitigation or aesthetics, etc, having a tree removed is a big step. Estes Valley Tree Care LLC is qualified and prepared for even the largest and most technical jobs.Read More

Mountain Pine Beetle Diagnosis and Prevention

Colorado has been hit with Mountain Pine Beetles and other beetles. Estes Valley Tree Care LLC is qualified and experienced in the identification and removal of infected trees. Read More

Technical Removals

Our team is expertly trained in climbing, bucket truck work and technical rigging and can remove any tree, regardless of location (close proximity to houses, fences, other trees, etc.).Read More


Call today for a free service estimate. We will provide you with a quote detailing cost, scope, and time frame. Our staff is ready to assist you in keeping your trees and property healthy.Read More

Storm Damage Control and Assessment

Storms can cause serious damage to trees and fallen or significantly damaged trees may threaten your property and your safety. Damaged trees require professional assessment and may need to be removed by experienced arborists to ensure the safety of your residential home or commercial enterprise in Estes Park. Read More

Tree Removal Experts

A dead or decaying tree can reduce the value of your property and also pose a safety hazard. Prompt removal may be necessary to protect your property.

Whatever your reasons, planning the removal of a tree from your property in Estes Park is a complex task best carried out by qualified professionals. The experienced arborists at Estes Valley Tree Care LLC are equipped with the proper equipment, knowledge and experience to ensure safe and effective tree removal. Read More

Tree Health

Our experienced arborists diagnose and treat any tree care problem before they cause further damage to your landscape. Contact us if your trees appear unhealthy or you would like us to investigate potential threats to the health of your trees.Read More

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning enhances and restores the beauty of your trees and is a necessary component of proper landscape maintenance. Regular pruning also helps to protect your trees against storm damage; the risk of falling branches or limbs and other potential hazards can be reduced through the elimination of deadwood, crossover branches, decay and unwanted growth. Read More